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At Prestige Martial Arts & Fitness, we strive to bring out the greatest version of our students. We use the art of Taekwondo and the high-energy environment of Kickboxing and Bootcamps to challenge men, women, and children all across La Habra. From complete beginners to experienced athletes, we have something for everyone here.

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Quick background: I'm a dad of 5 year old twin boys. They joined PRESTIGE about 6 months ago. And they absolutely love it. As a parent, it's the best feeling to see your kids excel at something like martial arts AND enjoying themselves at the same time. This is why we signed up at Prestige.. and highly recommend it to any parent looking for a studio for their kids.

THE STAFF: Amazing!! Master Nam runs the studio and he is by far the best teacher we can ever ask for. Aside from his own accolades and technical knowledge of TKD, it is his passion for the sport that stands out. His patience and attention to our boys was evident from the first day. He makes it fun and he can crank it up when he needs to be serious. He focuses not only on martial arts,.. he also emphasizes the important aspects outside the gym (like RESPECT and DISCIPLINE). He employs a couple other coaches and everyone has been very friendly and very professional.

THE STUDIO: Plenty of space for the students AND parents who love to watch. Unlike some studios where there is no place for parents, the seating area is big with plenty of seats. The studio is modern and clean. It's not dated and sometimes, he plays music during the class which can be nice since it breaks up all the sounds from kicking and yelling.

THE VERDICT: My boys love PRESTIGE. They have so much respect for Master Nam. In 6 short months, these guys have grown so much, not just technically, buy physically and mentally. (They can do 20 unassisted sit-ups.. WTF). So stop wasting time looking for a studio.. if you are lucky to live close enough and your kids are young enough... SIGN UP TODAY!

Kids Martial Arts near La Habra

Francis Aldana

I had been searching for the ideal extra curricular activity for my 10 year old son for months. He has expressed some interest in martial arts. After visiting a few martial arts studios in the La Habra area, we ended up signing up for a trial class at Prestige Martial Arts.  By the end of the trial, my parental mind was sold without even inquiring about the fees. In less than a month, my son showed so much improvement with his confidence, discipline and maturity. My son never complains about going to class. With the monthly membership, you have access to daily classes depending on the skill level of your child. 

Master Nam (and his staff) is incredible with the amount of patience, care and motivation that he displays to every single child in the class. He explains the importance of every skills and the benefits of each one (protection, strength building, endurance, cardio). He keeps the class active and entertaining for the entire 50 minutes. And not only is he truly a master in martial arts, but in his mentorship. I appreciate the advice that gives my son and even to me. When I express concerns about my son (such as grade transition or even bullying), Master Nam has a physical and mental action plan ready to go. 

It's worth every penny!

Natalie M.

I was looking for classes after dealing with a  bullying issue with my daughter. After my phone conversation with Master Nam I felt confident that he was the right instructor to help her. My daughter did not want to get out of the car the first day and now she can not wait to go to class.  Her confidence has grown so much in a short period of time.   It's been about 2 months and I am so impressed with his compassion, support,  and guidance.  My daughter is getting far more than I expected and I know that without the right instructor success is harder.  We are truly thankful for meeting Master Nam and look forward to all our daughter will receive from his teaching. It's not just about teakwondo he makes that clear it's about being a better person overall in all aspects of life.  Thank you Master Nam for who you are !

Lisa A.

I had the privilege of being trained by Master Nam during his formative years as a Tae Kwon Do instructor, overseeing me all the way to black belt.

I've also had the privilege of working alongside him during his years of conducting sparring training, where I learned more about the sport than ever before.

Master Nam goes above and beyond for his students, coaching them at rumbles and competitions nationwide.

He focuses especially on technique and prescribes custom-tailored styles for each of his students according to their particular strengths. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' with Master Nam, he takes each of his students into precise consideration.

Master Nam also takes a wholistic approach to his method- he trains his students in everything from their mindsets, to their discipline, their nutrition, sportsmanship, philosophy, and more.

I highly recommend Master Nam not only as a teacher but as a mentor. Solid training. Solid advice. Solid example.

Kids Martial Arts La Habra

Elijah Christopher Finn

5 years ago we randomly stopped by a Taekwondo studio while strolling through a shopping center where we were blessed to meet Master Nam as he kindly opened the door and greeted us. It was because of his kind and caring nature my, then 7 year old daughter, was encouraged and excited to join his class. It took awhile for my daughter to be interested in sparrimg competitions, but it was Master Nam who saw something special in her, and continued to selflessly, patiently, tirelessly, train her to become a high level competitor, preparing her to be on the U.S. Taekwondo Olympic Team.

Master Nam played a huge part of who she is today. It was he who brought out the best version of my daughter who is now 12 years hold. She is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt, who placed 6th in the Nation in her division in the 2017 National Taekwondo Championships.

I am so grateful for Master Nam's continued mentorship where he brings out the best in each of his students, and instills humility, ethics and values to mold his students into becoming humble, respectful adults.

Master Nam is knowledgeable, skilled, talented, precise, and his passion for not only the sport, but his genuine passion to individually bring out the best version of each of his students is invaluable!

Kids Martial Arts near La Habra

Janice Christian

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