2019 President's Cup Champion Max Scalzo

2019 President's Cup Champion Max Scalzo

Prestige Martial Arts & Fitness attended this years 2019 Presidents Cup in Las Vegas where high level athletes from all over the world came to compete! Presidents Cup is ranked as a G-2 tournament, meaning the level of competition is greater than most local and national level tournaments. 

Our Prestige athlete, Max Scalzo, competed in the cadet division (12-14 yrs old) -41 kg where there was a total of 23 competitors! This was his first time competing in this weight division as he usually fights in -37 kg. Even though he was new to this weight category, i'm proud to say that he was able to take him the GOLD!! Max had to fight 5 tough matches to claim the gold! Here is a highlight video of Max to give you an idea of his remarkable performance:



Max had a tough competition journey these past couple of years, but he didn't give up and was always determined to get better and strive for that gold! Our team and his family is very proud of his well deserved win, great job Max!! 

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